Navigate Change, Shaping Smarter Finance Together: Huawei Cloud Releases Data Warehouse 3.0


SHANGHAI, June 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — From June 7 to 8, Huawei Global Intelligent Finance Summit (HiFS) was held in Shanghai with the theme “Navigate Change, Shaping Smarter Finance Together”. At the summit, Zhang Ping‘an, Executive Director of Huawei and CEO of Huawei Cloud, released Huawei Cloud Data Warehouse 3.0 globally.

Huawei Cloud GaussDB(DWS) is a next-generation all-scenario cloud data warehouse. It enhances serverless cloud native capabilities, simplifies IT architecture, and enables everyone to use and analyze data, focusing on in-depth exploration of new business scenarios.

Huawei Cloud GaussDB(DWS) Builds an Intelligent Core for High-Value Data

Cloud technologies have been developing fast since the last decade, including data warehouses, containers, and microservices. Cloud native has become a trend. Huawei Cloud GaussDB(DWS) uses an architecture that decouples storage, compute, and management. Based on cloud native capabilities, compute and storage resources can be independently scaled to meet business needs, ensuring service stability in peak hours. Huawei Cloud’s distributed processing technology enables users to execute data analysis tasks on nearby nodes and quickly responds to data processing.

Huawei Cloud GaussDB(DWS) greatly improves performance. In addition to the traditional node-level parallel processing capability, it supports operator-level and instruction-level parallel processing. Data processing becomes much faster, and financial companies can provide reports as required by regulatory authority in a timely manner.

To help banks deal with increasingly diverse analysis scenarios in the data intelligence era, Huawei Cloud provides the lakehouse integration solution. GaussDB(DWS) and the MapReduce Service (MRS) cloud native data lake are connected, support many data types, and allow more flexible data access rules. The warehouse and the data lake are integrated in the same architecture, helping companies better explore the value of their data.

This is an era of digital economy. Big data and AI are deeply integrated, accelerating the digital upgrade of a range of industries. Huawei Cloud GaussDB(DWS) provides data collection, processing, management, analysis, and visualization capabilities. The efficient collaboration between the data and AI production lines enables batch production and quick development. AI enhances the capability to process heterogeneous data, and is deeply integrated with application scenarios for intelligent data analysis, such as prediction, decision-making, and identification.

Huawei Cloud GaussDB(DWS), the Better Option for a Financial Data Warehouse

At the summit held in the afternoon on June 7, William Dong, President of Huawei Cloud Marketing, officially upgrades its GaussDB(DWS) in the keynote speech entitled “Huawei Cloud: Leading Cloud Native for Agile and Smart Finance”.

For banks and other financial institutions, data usage and development efficiency are critical to their operation. Huawei Cloud GaussDB(DWS) is rooted in customer requirements. Its capabilities have been verified in the projects of many large banks with high standards and large-scale businesses. So far, 10 top banks in China, including China Merchants Bank (CMB), and Bank of Communications (BOC), have chosen Huawei Cloud GaussDB(DWS).

GaussDB(DWS) has strong migration capabilities. In CMB and BOC, they migrated workloads from Teradata. In Guangfa Bank (CGB), it migrated workloads from Oracle Exadata. In China Everbright Bank, it migrated workloads from multiple products, such as Greenplum and Teradata, centralizing data across the bank.

GaussDB(DWS) guarantees high security. It is the only data warehouse that has obtained the Common Criteria security certification in China. It is also an industry leader of data warehouses. In September 2022, Huawei Cloud, together with the Financial Information & Technology Institute (FITI), more than 10 top banks, and partners, released the Financial Data Warehouse White Paper to facilitate the development of financial data applications.

Huawei Cloud GaussDB(DWS) Accelerates Intelligent Upgrade

Data warehouses play an important role in digital economy. GaussDB(DWS) has over 10 years of technical accumulation and extensive cross-domain practices. It will continue to develop and apply data warehouse technologies, build a solid foundation for customers, and help companies unleash the value of their data assets.

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