Thefts of cars and bikes increases as Pakistan is on the brink of civil war


It is possible that Pakistan’s economic crisis will be worse than Sri Lanka’s last year. Due to the economic meltdown, hungry, poor, and armed Pakistanis are stealing cars and bikes. The masses are clashing with the police across various cities as the country is on the verge of a civil war. The city of Karachi alone has reported 4,054 motorcycle thefts and 163 car thefts in February 2023. Pakistanis who are poor, hungry, and armed have resorted to armed robberies to survive.

Thefts of cars and bikes increases as Pakistan is on the brink of civil warDuring February 2023 alone, Karachi witnessed over 7,000 robberies, including 163 car thefts and 4,054 motorcycle thefts. There have been a series of corrupt and failed governments, military coups, rising international debts, and a major class divide in Pakistan.

Foreign aid had shielded Pakistan from the economic collapse in the past, but as soon as the aid stopped, its downfall was inevitable. Major economic experts had predicted the downfall of the Pakistani economy for a very long time. As things have begun to heat up, the average Pakistani is struggling to keep food on the table.

While Pakistan faces an acute economic crisis the country’s ex-PM Imran Khan still owns a helicopter, several luxurious mansions and multiple businesses all since he became Prime Minister. In all this time, the situation in some areas of Pakistan has gone from terrible to horrific. Now that news of a warrant for Khan’s arrest is out, his supporters are clashing with police in incidents across the country.

The increasing number of crimes has left the Pakistani masses wondering if the local authorities can even control the situation given the current state of the country. In the midst of an economic crisis when a large chunk of the population is poor and hungry, is it too late to restore law and order in a lawless state?